Which is a better course to pursue among CS and CMA?

Let’s Talk Business Accounting and Finance Which is a better course to pursue among CS and CMA?

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    Uttam Pai
    Company Secretary (CS – India) – CS course is another course famous among the commerce/accounting professionals in India. The course is built around the objective to have high caliber professionals facilitating good corporate governance.

    Certified Management Accountant – US CMA is a well-known course among the management and cost accounting professionals. CMA USA is globally recognized whereas CMA India is an Indian Certification. CMA USA focuses on Cost Management, i.e. Cost Reduction, auditing, whereas CMA India lays more focus on Cost Management, i.e. Cost Controlling. Article ship is not applicable in CMA USA, whereas it is applicable for six months in CMA India. The certificate issued by the Institute of Management Accountants – IMA, provides a deep understanding of managerial decision making and cost measuring concepts. It also includes an introduction to fintech subjects helping the professionals be industry and tech-ready.

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