what would be the pros and cons of still pursuing the CPA?

Let’s Talk Business Accounting and Finance what would be the pros and cons of still pursuing the CPA?

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    Uttam Pai
    I would see more pros than cons in your situation. Given that you already have experience in the public accounting industry (even if the case is that the experience timeframe is short or it’s been too long since you’ve left your accounting job), it’ll help you easily grasp and understand topics. This is because you’ve been exposed to the practical application of CPA topics making it easy for you to relate – Experience always walks a long way. If you could invest the required number of study hours and hard work, there wouldn’t be any problems that you’d come across. Getting a CPA degree plus the experience that you carry will definitely open doors for you in terms of your career across forums/industries.
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    Akshay M
    There are several pros of being a CPA such as:-
    • A CPA is paid well
    • One has good job opportunities as becoming Sr CPA or working as a quickbooks pro hosting advisor
    • Also, there are further varieties of specialization options to expand their career.
    • Person works in pleasant conditions and with reputed clients.

    Also there are several cons of being a CPA and those are as follows:-
    • It is must to pass Certified public accountants exam
    • One may be required to work for a longer duration and that too with higher pressure
    • Sometimes it can possible that one get stuck up with a single client

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