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    Uttam Pai
    Here are some tips you must keep in mind while preparing for the FAR exam:
    • Spend more time practicing questions, than reading/ learning theory. The MCQs are generally more practical in nature than theory.
    • Most people find out why an answer is not right. However, always identify the cause of your correct answer, as well. Sometimes you may get the answer right by chance. Ensure the logic applied by you is sound. Reading the answer explanation is highly important.
    • Task-Based Simulations (TBSs) should be attempted after you have a stronghold in the MCQ section. Since simulations do not always conform to chapter boundaries and can test concepts from various disciplines. However, if you are good with the entire MCQs section, you will not find the TBSs as difficult, they will feel like long-form MCQs.
    • The FAR section of the CPA exam requires a higher attention to detail in comparison to the other sections.
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